About the Children’s Festival

So what is the Children’s Festival all about and who is it for?

Well firstly, the Children’s Festival is not just for children, it gives whole families the opportunity to join in some activities (for example Drop In Family Crafts and The Children’s Festival Torchlight Processional Build) and also to enjoy a superb range of evening Family Shows together.
The week’s programme of workshops and activities is carefully organised to allow youngsters of different ages the best experience possible with the workshop leaders focusing their activities to match the abilities of either 4 years and under, the 5-7 year old range or children over 8 years. Some workshops are progressive and run for the week developing children’s confidence and leading to a final performance. Other workshops are more of a drop in nature. Children can choose whether they attend every session or just opt for one or two so they can have time to do something different on other days (perhaps featuring the beach or ice creams!).
All in all, the Children’s Festival is a great place for families to meet with other families and have a great week of fun and friendship.