This has been achieved because of your massive support for this lovely, iconic and unique Festival.

It is especially appropriate that this should happen during Sidmouth Folk Festival Online where we are showcasing some of the most talented artists on the folk scene, many of whom were programmed to appear at the 2020 Festival.  We decided that if we couldn’t have the “real thing,”  then we would bring you the best that “Virtual” can provide, complete with workshops, special events and archive recordings. We hope you are enjoying your own 66th Sidmouth Folk Festival.

A huge thank you to everyone; our loyal dedicated supporters, sponsors, artists and the Team who have made the Sidmouth Folk Festival Online possible. We hope that you will want to keep showing your appreciation through Crowdfunder for a very special event.

The crowdfunder ends tonight at 11.50pm after this time you’ll still be able to donate but this won’t be in exchange for rewards.

See you in 2021.

John Braithwaite (Festival Director)