Bulverton Evening Programme

The Bulverton Marquee is an upbeat hub of activity each night from 7pm through ‘til the early hours. The party-focused venue features high energy evening roots shows and dance parties, Late Night Extra ceilidhs, early doors sessions with special catering/bar deals and a post-LNE Betsy’s Lounge, the funky and welcoming space dedicated to late night playing and singing.

Note: The Bulverton Marquee is a standing venue. There is seating in Betsy’s Lounge which is adjacent to the venue but there are no sightlines to the stage from this seating.

Friday 3rd August – Monster Ceilidh Band

Young, sassy, innovative and skilful, The Monster Ceilidh Band effortlessly fuse the traditional with the contemporary. The result is a crucible for smelting riffs, massive chord progressions, intense electronics, folk tunes and a wide variety of styles. Hailing from Tyneside the band embrace cross border musical traditions.

Band on stage approx. 9.10pm.  A number of dance sides get the party started from 8pm.

Saturday 4th August – Police Dog Hogan plus Jake Morrell

London based urban bluegrass outfit Police Dog Hogan are firm festival favourites, mixing a hi-octane brew of Americana influences and British songwriting.

Plus Jake Morrell who opens the evening with strong vocals and a compelling blend of Americana.

Sunday 5th August – Sounds of Modern Scotland Party Night with Elephant Sessions plus Saltfishforty

Award-winning neo-trad quintet from the Highlands Elephant Sessions create a progressive blend of intricate tunes, engulfing guitars, monstrous bass and pounding drums. Combining the very best of trad, funk, and electronica, their music is relentless and visceral, resulting in a truly unique sound amongst the current traditional music scene.

Plus Saltfishforty, a dynamic duo from the Orkney Islands. Douglas Montgomery and Brian Cromarty combine their homeland’s traditional music with original compositions to produce a sound of thrilling raw attack and multi-dimensional richness.

Monday 6th August – Blowzabella at 40!

Influential Euro-dance band celebrate their 40th year in style. With so many their tunes now “standards” in the modern folk repertoire and played by people all over the world, the band continue to experiment with the boundaries of folk music. Blowzabella create a pioneering, drone-based wall of sound, played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic drive and sheer feeling. They compose their own music, influenced by English and European traditional folk music and song – a shared culture with ancient roots.

Band on stage 8.15pm.

Tuesday 7th August – Blackbeard’s Tea Party plus Banter

Back by popular demand, Blackbeard’s Tea Party offer up their brand of gutsy folk rock and driving dance rhythms. A mix of traditional and self-penned songs and tunes are given a heavy rock edge with playful arrangements and driving dance rhythms. This is all mixed up in an engaging, high-octane stage show that frequently leaves audiences cheering for more.

Plus Banter, bringing us songs that are barking social comment with pop beats, irony and ridiculously danceable tunes!

Wednesday 8th August – False Lights plus Mikey Kenney & Damon Kilcawley

A gleefully raucous guitar band fronted by Jim Moray and Sam Carter, False Lights are a 21st century folk rock group, formed in the spirit of the genre’s late ‘60s originators but informed by the music of Sam and Jim’s far more recent youth. They rewrite the template in their performances of traditional songs and tunes, owing as much to Radiohead as they do to Fairport Convention.

Plus Mikey Kenney & Damon Kilcawley, with fiddler, singer, composer and songwriter Mikey accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Damon.

Thursday 9th August – Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band plus India Electric Co.

Pioneering English traditional folk powerhouse Eliza Carthy leads her festival favourite party band – a who’s who of the best players in the folk scene – characterised by unrelenting energy, inventive arrangements and Carthy’s uniquely expressive singing. “Big Band, big sound, big album, big machine. Bold, brassy and bendy, Eliza Carthy’s Big Machine is a monster of an album.” Songlines

Plus India Electric Co., sometimes folk, sometimes not! Using traditional instruments in contemporary styles, they explore diverse themes from Eastern Europe, Irish traditions and urban alienation.

Friday 10th August – Euro Ceilidh Party with Vintage Cock and Bull Band

An extra special treat with the pioneering French and European-influence ceilidh band – favourites on the scene in the late 70s and 80s – featuring founder members Jean Pierre Rasle and Dave Whetstone. A classic vintage ceilidh night out guaranteed.

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