The Bulverton – Evening Programme

The Bulverton is the spirited hub of festival dance party action each night from 7pm through ‘til the early hours. The standing venue features energetic evening roots shows, Late Night Extra ceilidhs, early doors sessions with special catering/bar deals and a post-LNE Betsy’s Lounge, the social space dedicated to relaxation and late night playing and singing.

Note: The Bulverton is a standing venue. There is seating in Betsy’s Lounge which is adjacent to the venue but there are no sightlines to the stage from this seating. Confirmed artists so far include:


We’re in for another great night with legendary Scottish trailblazers! Drawing upon a dazzling myriad of influences from jigs and reels through dance music, jazz, African, and more, they bring the sound of Scotland fresh-faced and breathless to the new audiences around the world.

Their mainly instrumental music allows the band to develop exciting themes and soundscapes, as well as locking into their trademark hypnotic ‘Celtic Dance’ sound that no-one can resist moving to!


Fantastic folk musicianship meets technology in a full tilt dance extravaganza. The Urban Folk Theory are back to bring their all shiny Silent Live Ceilidh Band to Sidmouth with top trad tunes played live versus classic and ground-breaking dance, pop, reggae, folk and just plain awesome tracks re-mixed specifically for the ceilidh. Two channels, two worlds of dance, one Sidmouth! Bring your dancing shoes, people.


This magnificent dance and concert band distils the essence of traditional music from Central France – the Berry, Bourbonnais and Auvengne regions – and delivers it dynamically to modern audiences. Led by the legendary Patrick Bouffard (La Chavannée) Centralbal blend traditional tunes and recent compositions in an irresistible dance machine! The line-up includes: Patrick Bouffard – hurdy gurdy; Jonas Thin – French bagpipes and low whistle; Colin Delzant – cello and Fabien Guiloneau – guitar.


Don’t miss your last chance to see the band knock an audience sideways, on Mabon’s final tour: The Last Huzzah! A lot can change in twenty years! It’s been two decades of sparky jigs, slammin’ reels, mighty banter, stirring songs and a faithful following of ardent fans… But now Mabon is hanging up its boots. After a thousand shows in dozens of countries across five continents, with a hard-earned reputation for dazzling live performances, Mabon is going out on a high.


Upbeat rock-steady rhythms, blazing horns, fabulous harmonies and fiery melodeon melodies promises to keep this night rocking. An English roots band that uniquely blend the rhythms and songs of the traditional music of the Caribbean and the UK, celebrating the similarities between the two and the long-standing links between the evolution of the two traditions. The band release a new album in 2020 featuring songs sung on the 1800s plantations of Jamaica, featuring themes of struggle, but bringing them up to date in their own unique style.


The Demon Barbers’ Disco At The Tavern is part gig, part dance show bringing some of the UK’s most exciting young clog, sword, hip hop and break dancers onto the stage to create a live folk music and dance spectacular. Combining solid traditional acoustic instruments and songs with the added oomph of a superbly tight rhythm section they create a unique and captivating sound, ripe for dancing.


High-octane Scottish trio ignite festival stages with their invigorating and uplifting arrangements. “Doubling the power of three”, the popular outfit “create an exciting sound that… literally drags an audience out of its seats.” Theirs is an explosively energetic yet artfully woven sound.

“Setting scary standards” – Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2

Bulverton evening line up:

Fri 31 Jul – Jamie Smith’s Mabon

Sat 1 Aug – Demon Barbers XL: Disco at the Tavern

Sun 2 Aug –  Edward II + Gadarene

Mon 3 Aug –  Talisk

Tues 4 Aug – Grand Bal with Centralbal 

Wed 5 Aug –  Peatbog Faeries

Thu 6 Aug – Live Silent Ceilidh with Urban Folk Theory

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