We just want to tell you about our 2019 Environmental initiative. As you know our bar prices are very reasonable, especially compared with many Festivals, but this year you will be paying a little extra (£1) for a Souvenir Cup with your 1st pint.

We have bought 10,000 reusable Souvenir Pint Drinks Cups for use at all of the Festival Bars (The Ham, The Bulverton and Blackmore Gardens). If we get through all of them, we will save 30,000+ single use plastic pint drink cups ending up in the rubbish!

Pints at the Festival Bars will be served in Souvenir Cups which you can reuse throughout your stay. At the end of your day, take the one you have back to your home, tent, B&B or hotel, wash it up and bring it back tomorrow to use again! At the end of your Festival visit please take it home and reuse it there! Don’t want to keep it? Then please donate it back to the Festival! Just make sure it’s empty and then pop it in one of the donation tubes.

You will not be able to buy your 1st pint drink without paying the £1 (unless you have a pint tankard or CE marked reusable cup) and we will not be serving in single use pint plastics unless we sell out of the 10,000 reusable ones. If that happens, next year we’ll get even more! Remember, that’s what we want to achieve in 2019, 30,000+ single use plastics not going into waste.

Cups are also on sale at the Ham and Blackmore Gardens Merchandise Stalls so, why not buy a set and use them at home! Summer barbeques, drinks in the garden, camping! Put a (battery) tea light in them and put them on display! The Sidmouth Folk Festival isn’t just for the 1st week of August! They’re versatile enough to use for any celebration of your choice! Completely dishwasher safe and can be used again and again and again and……..again! All funds raised from the sale of the Souvenir Cups will be reinvested into the Festival’s environmental development.

This is just one of a number of initiatives we are working on to reduce the Festival’s environmental impact and we want to work on more. Next year we would like to be able to eradicate all single use plastics at our Festival Bars and get pubs and bars on-board with the reusable cups!

Please help us to make this a success!