We want to keep the rules for the campsite to the absolute minimum but if you could adhere to the guidelines below, it helps us run a better and safer site for all.

  • Whilst we understand that groups of friends often want to camp together, the reservation of large areas of space by people (often those who arrive earliest on site) is not felt to be in keeping with the spirit of the Festival.
  • Campers will be expected to comply with fire regulations. Please note that it is a condition of our licence that the lit roadways in the campsite remain clear at all times and that adequate space is maintained between tents at all times. We recommend 3 metres between tents, excluding “pup” or children’s tents pitched next to the family tent.
  • Rubbish and recycling bins are provided at the top of the campsite, by the entrance and between the two fields. Please keep these areas tidy. Please don’t leave litter for others to collect.
  • Fire buckets and barrels will be distributed across the site. Please DO NOT use these for depositing rubbish; you put both your safety and the safety of fellow campers at risk. Incidents requiring more than very minor remedies should be reported to the Campsite Manager.
  • Dogs are permitted on site if kept on a lead and under control at all times. Please exercise your dogs away from the camping areas and clean up after them.
  • For security reasons, access to and presence on the campsite is limited to those who hold tickets for the festival/camping valid for the time you are on the campsite.
  • For safety reasons petrol/diesel generators are NOT allowed on site. If you require power for a mobility scooter etc please contact us for advice.
  • Gazebos are permitted but additional caution must be exercised if yours does not have a BS Kite Mark label attached, as it is likely that it will not comply with any fire-rating regulations. Additionally gazebos MUST be securely anchored down. Should gazebos come loose and cause damage to fellow campers’ property, the owner of the gazebo will be liable for damage caused.
  • All tents/caravans/motor homes must be sited as directed by the campsite staff. Please ensure that you do not set up outside your designated area.
  • Campfires and ground-level barbeques are not allowed. Barbecue units are only allowed after discussion with the Campsite Manager, so please check before buying food.
  • Anyone behaving in a threatening, offensive or otherwise unacceptable manner will be removed from the campsite.
  • Anyone found with illegal drugs will be ejected from the campsite and the substances concerned confiscated and handed over to the police.
  • Finally, please remember that the site is returned to agricultural use after the Festival. Please try not to leave metal tent pegs or other debris and rubbish that can cause harm to the livestock that normally live there!

The Campsite is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the event; if you need advice please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sidmouth Victoria Hospital provides a Minor Injury Unit available from 10am to 6pm daily including weekends. Overnight First Aid is available on the campsite at the main entrance.

The Sidmouth Folk Festival is committed to the safety of all who attend and the campsite has been designed with your safety in mind.

The Sidmouth Folk Festival has a fantastic reputation for a safe family holiday but please use common sense and ensure you keep your possessions and yourself safe when here by following the handy tips available on line at www.devon-cornwall.police.uk