Cellar Bar: Kennaway House

We are delighted to return to the Cellar Bar at Kennaway House for afternoon and evening concerts. There is level access to the Cellar Bar via entrance on left side of building.

fRoots Presents A Cellar Full of Folkadelia.

This afternoon series returns to its original home with an extended programme covering six afternoons.

Saturday 4th August – Eli West and Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow

Sunday 5th August – Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns and Rock of Eye

Monday 6th August – Plastikes Karekles and Thom Ashworth

Tuesday 7th August – Kaia Kater and Diabel Cissokho

Wednesday 8th August – Mikey Kenney & Damon Kilcawley and Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Thursday 9th August – Ye Vagabonds and Toby Hay

Concerts @ Kennaway

Evening concerts in the Cellar Bar feature:

Saturday 4th August – Tannara, Pete Coe, Kate Griffin & Ford Collier

Sunday 5th August – Steve Tilston, Alden, Patterson & Dashwood, The Drystones

Monday 6th August – Stick in the Wheel and Thom Ashworth

Tuesday 7th August – Jim Moray and Georgia Lewis

Wednesday 8th August – The Rheingans Sisters and Phillip Henry

Thursday 9th August – Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar and Toby Hay

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