Become a Sidmouth Folk Festival Champion!

Be A Sidmouth Champion: Act now to secure the future of this unique folk arts event.

Who would have thought that Sidmouth, the longest running folk arts festival in the world, would break its non-stop record after 65 years?! Well, we have had tough times in those 65 years but never, ever anything like this!

By donating to an exciting new Crowdfunder campaign today, you will enable us to get back on track in 2021 and to continue to build for the future…and be our Sidmouth Champion!



The COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard, really hard. It costs us a lot of money – over £700,000 – to stage this iconic 8-day long festival with 750 events, unrivalled in variety, range and participation; the streets and many venues in this stunning seaside town location spilling over with festive atmosphere and fun.

When, unavoidably, we had to cancel, we had already launched 2020 and spent 20% of our cost budget on marketing, the artistic and production planning, deposits and ticket overheads.

For us to bounce back next year stronger than ever, and as importantly, to support the wider festival community and local businesses, we need Champions to contribute to our new Crowdfunding appeal…and to choose some exciting, exclusive rewards in return.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already offered generous support to the festival by rolling over their tickets to 2021, or donated to the festival. This is a huge help! For those wishing to further contribute, you can do so via the Crowdfunding Campaign.

SUPPORT THE SIDMOUTH FOLK FESTIVAL — a national cultural asset

With its huge size, complexity and duration, The Sidmouth Folk Festival makes only a small surplus (all of which is ploughed into the next festival), and sometimes not at all (those wet and windy days!).

But it is worth it! Because it is a longstanding evolving tradition, a national cultural treasure, in which the stakeholders – all of us – are invested, emotionally as well as financially.

Our sole aim now is to make sure we can all be part of the ongoing story of this truly unique event, and can look forward to an amazing future, not just in 2021, but for the next generations to enjoy.

This is where we need our community’s urgent help!

Our community isn’t just Festival regulars though, but those thousands who flock to town, just for the atmosphere and fun, as well as local residents and people of the South West who value and enjoy the Festival. You can all help too!


The big picture: The Sidmouth Folk Festival remains committed to offering you your favourite part of the festival in 2021. Our ‘something for everyone’ ethos means there is always the widest range of folk related activities in the programme.

We will be bringing you every part of our hugely varied offering in 2021. There will be performances from famous and favourite names, rising talent, a plethora of dance styles from Playford to Morris, Roots Parties, grass roots tradition, cutting edge sounds, storytelling, Children’s and Youth Festivals, fun workshops galore to take part in and much, much more.

Please help to realise our goal and secure the Festival’s long-term future. Be a Sidmouth Champion, and win the ongoing love and appreciation of all of us working on the festival, as well everybody who loves this mighty event.


To show our appreciation, we have some exciting and exclusive rewards to offer you, no matter what size of donation you can afford, including:

  • Flexible five and ten year Week Season Tickets: to reward the loyalty of our Week ticket buyers.
  • Exclusive experiences, including: 1:1 sessions with the stars, with some amazing masterclasses.
  • Brunches with Favourite Festival Artists: get to know your musical heroes at a seafront hotel!
  • Prime Site Accommodation: Campervan spots guaranteed – right in town (at Cricket and Rugby Clubs) PLUS car parking offers.
  • Seaside Retreats!: Post-COVID Weekend and Short Hotels Breaks (Autumn and Spring) at some of the Town’s sensational seafront hotels – good for a walking holiday or just a relax at this beautiful spot
  • Limited Edition Merchandise: a bespoke Sidmouth Crowdfunder t-shirt to wear with pride
  • Hush Hush!: some very special, completely unique items
  • Super Food Offers: Free Ice Cream all week: who can resist? Offers from caterers at the Festival and at their restaurants
  • Recognition for all donors: your name on a Champion’s Wall at the Festival…and so much more.


All funds pledged will go into supporting and securing the future of The Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Your Crowdfunder pledge will assist with the Festival’s operational costs, covering some of the aforementioned 2020 costs already incurred and helping to secure a brighter future for the event. We are all desperate to see festival life return, and we want to guarantee that return of The Sidmouth Folk Festival will be a genuine cause for celebration in 2021, and back to its full glory forever after.

As well as helping to financially support the future of this hugely significant cultural event, the wider festival community – including artists, local businesses, festival traders – will also benefit from your pledge. All are reliant on the festival for a significant amount of their annual income, so your donations will support them too.


Can you dig deep and help too?

Everyone is acutely aware of the huge boost the Festival gives to the town, Devon and South West economies. Losing the Festival in 2020 will hit those already suffering businesses and communities hard.

The Festival’s ‘Use it Local’ policy means that over 100 local businesses, contractors, traders, breweries, cider makers, craftspeople from Devon and around the South West will suffer without the 2020 Festival. They really need us back in 2021 and beyond.

This campaign is being run through our Charity arm, Sidmouth FolkWeek Limited, providing the opportunity for Gift Aid to add 25% to qualifying donations. All funds raised will go directly towards ensuring the future and development of the Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Thanks in advance for your help! Your support is vital to us.

The Festival Team