1Toby MelvilleJon Melville
2Peter Celi-StampChris Rose
3Jack WorthJackie Worth
1Jameson WoodersEmma WoodersTom Wright
2Jack HawkesToby MelvilleEmma Melville
3Dominic DoranPatrick SextonPaul Bryan
BEST OVER 40Jameson WoodersWith Emma WoodersTom Wright
BEST NEW ENTRANTPeter Celi-Stamp Chris Rose
AUDIENCE APPEALJameson WoodersEmma WoodersTom Wright  

The judges were Rhys Boorman, Kerry Fletcher, Bryony Leech, Mike Griffiths The sponsors were:  Dave and Fee Lock, The Seven Champions, His Old School Friends, Janet Dowling, Kerry Fletcher, Dixie Lee  and The Outside Capering Crew

There were  11 solos and 5 doubles entries.

It was an amazing competition with a wide range of jigs and accompaniment which included Rick Titley Sage dancing whilst accompanying himself singing Sing John Ball and Chris Rose reciting the adapted poem Boots to Pete Celi-Stamp’s Molly Broom Jig.  The marquee was full with a knowledgeable and very supportive audience and we very all happy to be back at the Blackmore.