Light Night Extra (LNE) Programme

Fri 2nd Aug 11.00-1.15am Tautas Roks (Caller Gordon Potts)

Young, energetic band making a big impact on the ceilidh scene.

Sun 4th Aug 11.00-1.15am Whapweasel (Caller Fee Lock)

At the forefront of contemporary English dance music weaving colourful strands of folk, rock, ska and East European sounds into a wonderful melee that will leave no toe untapped.

Tues 6th Aug 11.00-1.15am Out Of Hand (Caller Fee Lock)

Young, vibrant and exciting folkrock ceilidh band, playing trad and new tunes.

Thurs 8th Aug 11.00-1.15am Blackbeard’s Tea Party (Caller Gordon Potts)

Blackbeard’s Tea Party (Caller Gordon Potts) Part two of their special night, Blackbeard’s playful arrangements and driving dance rhythms ignite the dance floor for ceilidh dancers.

Sat 3rd Aug 11.00-1.15am Banter (Caller Nick Walden)

“Banter have opened a new chapter with their exciting take on basically English dance music.” Ashley Hutchings

Mon 5th Aug 11.00-1.15am Threepenny Bit (Caller Gordon Potts)

This dynamic eight-piece band play bold arrangements of traditional and original tunes with infectious stage energy.

Wed 7th Aug 11.00-1.15am The Committee Band (Caller Nick Walden)

The Committee Band (Caller Nick Walden) Long-established dancefloor favourites drawing primarily on English country music.

Fri 9th Aug 11.00-1.15am Kirkophany (Caller Barry Goodman)

English music for English dances in an English style from five Kirkpatricks.

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