Cathy Meunier

Cathy’s interest in Balkan dancing began at college when she chanced upon a Balkan Dance group in Oxford. She was attracted by the exciting rhythms of the music and the captivating melodies. In the early 80’s the British Bulgarian Friendship Society (BBFS) gave her a scholarship to attend a folk dancing course in Plovdiv alongside Bulgarian students learning to become dance teachers. In 1988 she was awarded the Society for International Folk Dance (SIFD) teacher’s certificate.

She ran a very successful weekly class and performance group “Sborenka” in Central London for 10 years. She is an active member of the SIFD and has attended dance classes in London and many dance courses in Europe and the USA with world renowned folk dance teachers. Her main expertise is dances from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, but she also regularly takes part in English folk dance events. She organises courses for specialist guest teachers from abroad which she has been doing since the mid 80’s.  She has taught dances workshops in many different venues around the UK, and has led a number of successful folk dance trips to Bulgaria with the BBFS.

Workshops Thu 8 & Fri 9 August