We’re looking forward to some heady nights of dancing at The Bulverton, the buzzing hub of roots dance parties, each night from 7pm through ‘til the early hours. From Dartmoor’s own folk hero SethLakeman to Anglo-French dance music innovators Topette!!, each evening offers hour after hour of dance floor action, with a superb main act and a lively Late Night Extra ceilidh. The night warms up with early doors sessions, then winds down with after hours acoustic chill out in the Betsy’s Lounge.

With great deals of delicious food and drink too, you can guarantee a great one-stop night out! Buy a Bulverton-in-One (BiO) or a Big Gig Ticket to make the most of those long, fun-filled summer nights at the funkiest venue in town. 

Explore The Bulverton Evening programme page here.

Bulverton Catering gets a makeover!

For the first time, there will be 2 great caterers at Bulverton, offering lots more variety.

Bush Farm from Wilts will be doing loads of healthy alternative bison & venison burgers plus beef burgers, nachos, rolls, chips –and a lot more besides! 

Hippy Happy Hoppers, from Croyde, N. Devon bring really enticing and different Sri Lankan style fusion food. Mainly veg & vegan, what about a ‘hopper’ (like a crepe) with an Egg, Peanut butter and Aubergine curry or 5 other delicious alternatives plus Rotis.

Campsite catering welcomes back Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey and the Woolbrook News Campsite Shop.

Wakey Wakey, from Sidmouth, do superb breakfasts and a lovely variety of early evening meals. Roll up all campers. 

The Campsite shop is increasing it’s range of offerings this year, so get along and check out what’s available.