Warm seasons greetings from all at The Sidmouth Folk Festival HQ. We hope you can all hunker down safely and enjoy some festive calm after such a torrid year.

We are all hopeful that the vaccine rollout will mean that we can start to genuinely look forward to a more positive 2021. We are all missing music and friends and our brilliant Sidmouth community so much. Your generous support – for which we are hugely grateful – has helped us reach a position where we can start to make plans in earnest for next year’s festival from 30 July – 6 August 2021.

We are well aware that, in a fluid and ever-changing situation with this pandemic, we will need to remain flexible in terms of what next year’s festival might look like, in order to keep in line with any guidance for public safety that may still be in place. With that in mind, we are planning a full “normal” festival, but putting in place plenty of contingencies should they be required.

Of course, by this point in December, we would usually have announced the line up and put tickets on sale but this year is different! In order to deliver the best possible festival, we will delay ticket sales until March 2021, when we hope the outlook will be much more positive. Keep checking the website for updates.