Thanks to all the artists who appeared live in Blackmore Gardens and on the Ham and to those who led events in a few venues around the town including the bands who played for the hardy dancers as Anchor Ceilidhs returned. Also great to see the return of the Morris dancers on Sunday, thanks to Malcolm Major and Charlotte Dover for managing this.

Special thanks to all those involved in the Family Festival who created some great events and a wonderful atmosphere for Good Morning Blackmore Gardens despite getting the worst of our summer weather. Many thanks to Bev and Ray Langton for putting it altogether.

Thanks to all Volunteers who contributed so much to the success of the event with unfailing enthusiasm and devotion despite the occasional challenges from the weather.

Thanks too for all those performers and workshop leaders who contributed to the Online Festival with so many zoom events from Sidmouth and from around the country as well as specially recorded concert performances. A special mention too for the Folk Dance Programme over the weekend, put together by Charlotte and Adam Rich-Griffin and Gareth Kiddier and going a long way to making up for the inevitable lack of Folk Dance this year. And not forgetting the great tech team of Adam, Darren and Rich for making it all possible.