The Woodlands Hotel

Festival events take place in the conservatory of The Woodlands Hotel. Storytelling events are programmed in the mornings followed by showcases and special song and music events late morning, lunchtime and during the afternoon. All events are unamplified and take place in a comfortable setting with wheelchair access and a bar.

The Woodlands Hotel welcomes daily “Traditional Nights Out” hosted by John Howson and Dan Quinn and daytime Concerts, Showcases and Workshops. Guests so far include JACKIE DALY & MATT CRANITCH making rare appearances in the UK, BELINDA KEMPSTER & FRAN FOOTE, MIKE WILSON, FRANKIE ARMSTRONG, DAMIEN BARBER, CHRISTINE KYDD, NICK DOW, DAVID JONES, PETER & BARBARA SNAPE, RON TAYLOR & MOIRA CRAIG, MARTIN BRINSFORD & DAN QUINN and RACKER DONNELLY.


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