The Woodlands Hotel

Festival events take place in the conservatory of The Woodlands Hotel. Storytelling events are programmed in the mornings followed by showcases and special song and music events late morning, lunchtime and during the afternoon. All events are unamplified and take place in a comfortable setting with wheelchair access and a bar.

Daytime events

Daytime performances include Jez Lowe talking about the story behind his new book ‘The Dillen Doll’, Bryony Griffith launching “Hover”, her new solo album of traditional English fiddle tunes and Alden Patterson & Dashwood showcasing their new CD.

Then there’s a chance to spend an Hour or So with the likes of Pete Coe, Canaan’s Land, Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente, Laura Smyth and Ted Kemp, Stream of Sound and The Dollymopps.

In The Tradition

Traditional Nights Out run in the Woodlands from Saturday to Friday inclusive. These feature a number of performers each evening, with the emphasis on traditional music and song. John Howson and Dan Quinn are your hosts as they present their guests in round robin style through the evening.

Guests include: Irish instrumental virtuosos The Rowsome Family (renowned piper Kevin, fiddler Lorraine Hickey and multi-instrumentalist, singer and sean nos dancer Naoise), celebrated Irish singer Roisin White, acclaimed Bothy Ballad singer Hector Riddell, Yorkshire’s own Will Noble, Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp, Racker Donnelly, Nick Dow, Liz Giddings & Roger Digby, Lydia Noble, Katie Howson & Martin Brinsford, The Dollymopps, Megan Wisdom, Rob Neal, Debs Newbold, Patrick Ryan, Mary Humphreys & Anahata, Gemma Khawaja and Annie Winter.


Storytelling Circles start the day. Tom Goodale and Moe Keast are your hosts, offering an opportunity to hone your storytelling sessions or just sit back and listen. Special storytelling events in the Woodlands Hotel include:

Dauntless: Grace O’Malley, Pirate Queen presented by Debs Newbold. No knights in shining armour need apply: a brand new, bold and boisterous set of tales centred around the remarkable story of Grainne ni Mhaille – Grace O’Malley – legendary Irish clan chief and queen of the sea.

Broken Shells presented by Daisy Black: Set among the eddies and currents of medieval romance, classical mythology and English folk song, this one-woman show tells a haunting, visceral, occasionally funny tale that will whirl round your senses, lace your tongue with salt and take you across the sapphire-worked seas to walk with the creatures at the far edges of the map.

Ballad Sessions

Sheila Miller and Moira Craig host early evening Ballad sessions with plenty of opportunities to share your favourite ballads. Daily guests include Nick Dow, Roisin White, Gemma Khawaja, Will Noble, Hector Riddell and Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne.

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