The Ham 2021

The Ham will remain a main meeting, eating and drinking destination with our main caterers returning including Rusty Pig with Tom’s Pies and a full range of offerings for your main meals, coffees, etc. The Anchors Away Bar will be serving you fine ales, ciders and a wide range of other drinks.

Expect some entertaining distractions while you relax! Look out for some brilliant music sessions and fun-filled Street theatre and Walkabouts adding some festive sparkle throughout the week: Joy Magnet’s Beach Patrol are huge, cartoon-like stilt-walking characters, leaping and bouncing up to 2 metres in the air whilst they keep everyone safe and the ever-fantastic Granny Turismo ladies on their souped up shopping trolleys make a long awaited return to Sidmouth. Look out too for Sidmouth Town Band, Megabeast’s giant lumbering Treemendous characters and music from Diatonics Acoustic, Random, Jigfoot, James Delarre, Midnight’s Children, David Delarre, Bosun Higgs, Mrs Midnight’s, Next Slide Please, Paul Scourfield, West Gallery Music Association and many more.

Morris is Back! We are delighted that a number of teams can join us to dance on the Esplanade on Sunday 1st Aug. And look out for a special showcase performance at the Ham at 11.30 with Windsor Morris, Wreckers, Hammersmith Morris Men, Rockhopper Morris, Alton Morris and Jackstraws. MC Chis Rose.