Spring has sprung! And with bird song in the air and blossom on the trees, we are emerging from the cabin fever of the past couple of years with new hope – and the exciting prospect of gathering for a fun-filled Sidmouth Folk Festival week by the seaside in the first week of August.

Just as the Early Bird gets the worm, Early Bird ticket buyers can make the most from the programme at Sidmouth. Don’t miss the chance to grab yours now! Available until the end of the month. 

2022 will be a year to remember for a number of reasons, and we have fully indulged in celebrating a rich tapestry of traditions, from the British Isles, from diaspora communities in the UK, and from further afield. Amongst the wonderful artists joining us are Guinean balafon player N’famady Kouyate, Senegalese sabar dancer Batch Gueye, Kurdish singer/songwriter Olcay Bayir, Bulgarian vocalist Eugenia Georgieva, Quebecois livewire Yves Lambert, French dance band Centralbal, Australian force of nature The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Melbourne’s daring Bush Gothic and Danish dance band De Små Grå.

Book those tickets now!