Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to us smashing our initial Crowdfunder project target, 4 hours after the campaign opened this morning.

We always felt that we, The Festival, had a special place in people’s hearts, locals, South Westerners and Festival goers alike. The response to our Crowdfunder appeal to combat the serious effect on the Festival of the 2020 cancellation due to the Coronavirus has been out of this world and way beyond our expectations.

You have all been generous in the extreme, whether providing imaginative, appealing Rewards, spreading the message through your networks and, above all, donating and pledging to carry us to where we are this evening. Thanks to all of you.

Despite this great start, we still have a serious hill to climb to repair the Festival’s finances and bring it back in good shape in 2021. We are now looking towards reaching our next target, £70,000 as soon as possible.

There are still a wonderful selection of rewards to come, starting with some new offerings tomorrow morning and regularly thereafter. More great experiences with artists and their music and merch, holiday breaks in this superb Regency town, offerings from caterers at next year’s Festival, great value 5, 10 year and Forever Week tickets and much, much, more.

We hope you will join us on this journey by visiting ‘’ and carrying the Festival past it’s next target.

Many thanks for all you have done and will do.

John Braithwaite, Festival Director