While there are no official dance displays from invited teams this year, visiting sides will be welcome as usual to dance on the Esplanade at any time where suitable space permits. While we’re not anticipating any Wembley-style crushes, under current circumstances we would just ask all teams to remain mindful of any overcrowding issues as they perform.

We know that traditionally many teams like to come and dance on the seafront on the Sunday morning of the Festival. In recognition of this, on the Sunday morning only (1st August) the Festival is creating some short performance opportunities for teams on the Ham, where the dance boards normally at Port Royal will be available plus, we hope, a ready made audience. 10 minute performance slots will need to be prearranged and are available from 11.30 onwards – if you’re interested in taking part please email Malcolm at malcolmmajor@ntlworld.com to arrange a time slot, and we’ll look forward to seeing many of you there!

There will be some official collectors around at times collecting on behalf on the Festival, but if any teams would like to help with this during their performances it would be much appreciated – collecting buckets / card readers / QR readers will be available on request.