Workshop Music Downloads 2024

Find the downloads and links to the music for Festival workshops here.

It’s useful to know how many people download to avoid unnecessary printing at the Festival. Let us know here, thank you!

Festival Concert Band Workshop with John Kirkpatrick

John leads a progressive series of five sessions playing from written tune arrangements. Suitable for players of any acoustic instrument who are not complete beginners, but no electronic instruments or keyboards, please. The workshop culminates in a showcase event on Friday lunchtime. It helps to be able to read music, but ear players will have opportunity to pick the tunes up. Bring music stand and pen/pencil.

There are three versions of each tune – concert pitch, B flat, and E flat.

Wentworth Park – B Flat   Wentworth Park – Concert Pitch     Wentworth Park – E Flat

The Shipwreck – B FLAT   The Shipwreck – Concert Pitch    The Shipwreck – E FLAT

Harlequin Underground – B Flat   Harlequin Underground – Concert Pitch   Harlequin Underground – E Flat

Lads and Lasses – B Flat   Lads and Lasses – Concert Pitch   Lads and Lasses – E Flat

Sidmouth Big Band Workshop with Nick and Mary Barber

Sidmouth’s big ceilidh band, suitable for any acoustic instrument. Daily progressive workshops leading to a public ceilidh in the Anchor Gardens. Some music reading skills an advantage, music provided. Participatory. Progressive. All levels. Music is available in advance and also during the workshops. Please bring an instrument, a music stand & a pencil! #W#

The 2024 Big Band tunebooks are downloadable (for free) from here: https://nick-barber.net/sidmouth-big-band/

You can also buy The Sidmouth Big Band Anniversary Tunebook – Celebrating 25 years of the Sidmouth Big Band, this book contains 299 dance tunes from a variety of sources, many 18th century. https://nick-barber.net/product/sidmouth-big-band-anniversary-tunebook/

Robert Hickman sight reading workshop, fingering chart and tunes for the ocarina workshop:

Tunes for ocarina workshop

Improve your sight reading workshop

Manouche (Gypsy Jazz) Jam Session with Neil and Meg Browning.



All in One & Season Tickets get you in to all, or any, of the workshops….as many or as often as you like. For non-season tickets holders Workshop-only Ticket bundles are also available.