Party Nights At The Bulverton

by Sidmouth Folk Festival • May 31, 2019

We’re looking forward to some heady nights of dancing at The Bulverton, the buzzing hub of roots dance parties, each night from 7pm through ‘til the early hours. From Dartmoor’s own folk hero SethLakeman to Anglo-French dance music innovators Topette!!, each evening offers hour after hour of dance floor action, with a superb main act […]

Taster Programme Now Live

by Sidmouth Folk Festival • May 14, 2019

To get an idea of the full and diverse range of programming throughout the action-packed week, download the Taster Programme here. Go to the What’s On drop down menu to find your own personal areas of interest. Book your All-In-One, Week or Weekend tickets to get the most out of the wide range of amazing […]