Pre-Festival Specials

Two heavyweight Pre-Festival Concerts lined up for 2022:


Thursday 28th July 8.00pm (The Ham)

The early 1970s proved to be the start of a vintage period for music. For Steeleye Span, it would see them established as a major creative force, with iconic albums ‘Hark The Village Wait‘, ‘Please To See The King‘ and ‘Ten Man Mop‘ launching one of the most enduring stories in the folk world and beyond. Five decades years on and the band, led as ever by the iconic vocals of Maddy Prior, celebrating 50 years of music making with a night of career favourites and gems.


Friday 29th July 3.00pm (The Ham)

Bound together by lifelong friendship and shared experience, the Fisherman’s Friends have been singing the traditional songs of the sea handed down to them by their forefathers for the past 25 years. Since we last saw them, they have been busy, releasing ‘Fisherman’s Friends’, a film based on the group’s discovery and signing to a major record label and a soundtrack album, ‘Keep Hauling – Music from the Movie’ Despite these musical adventures, the band can still be found working their day-jobs and enjoying life on the North Cornish Coast. And they are always welcome guests at Sidmouth!

All Week and Weekend ticket holders get discounted prices for the three Pre-Festival shows.