Friends of The Sidmouth Folk Festival

The Friends of The Sidmouth Folk Festival are passionate about the festival and its long-term future.

“We joined the Friends because we just love the festival – it’s one of the highlights of the year.”

 Whatever your interest – whether it’s the big concerts, the dances, the late-night parties, the dance displays, the smaller-scale events, the special events for children or young people or the extensive workshop programme – you can help ensure the festival’s future by joining the Friends.

“I joined the Friends to provide regular financial support to an event that I love.”

Who can become a Friend?

Anyone and everyone! You can’t have too many Friends! Especially in Sidmouth – where the festival has led to lifelong friendships amongst people who love the festival, the town, the dance and the music.

What do I receive as a Friend?

Mainly, a warm glow from helping to guarantee its future. You will also receive special emailed newsletters, a Friends of the Sidmouth Folk Festival badge and an invite to a special Friends’ reception and get-together at the Festival.

How do I join?

Joining is easy, just sign up for a monthly £3 donation online. You can pay by credit/debit card and if you are a UK taxpayer, please can you GiftAid your donation.  Join here

“I have enjoyed many years attending the Festival and hope to support it for many more.”

The Friends of The Sidmouth Folk Festival is managed by Sidmouth FolkWeek Ltd, (registered charity no. 1111958): 3 Fairleigh, Manor Road, Sidmouth, EX10 8RR.  The charity supports the Sidmouth Folk Festival which is organised by Sidmouth FolkWeek Productions Ltd.

Read more about the festival charity, how it supports the festival and how you can help.