We have simplified the process for obtaining a Personal Assistant ticket and as an ongoing process we are improving the accessibility information that we provide. If you have any questions relating to accessibility please email access@sidmouthfolkfestival.co.uk.

We try to make the Festival as accommodating as possible to all people. Wheelchair access is available at most venues (see Venue Access Summary below) and our volunteer stewards are always ready to assist with any special requirements. If special requirements exist, such as the positioning of a wheelchair, it is the ticket holder’s responsibility to contact the venue to make sure that their requirements are known. Venue stewards will do their best to accommodate all such requests.

Personal Assistant Ticket

We have always had a Carers/Disabled Helpers Ticket for those that require assistance to attend the Festival and this year we are pleased to offer the newly renamed ‘Personal Assistant’ ticket as an online booking option.  In order to qualify you will need to provide the box office at the festival with one of the following when collecting your tickets:
– Front page of DLA / PIP award letter (no specific rate)
– Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate)
– Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
– Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

All Personal Assistant Tickets are collection only. The qualifying documentation must be an original and current as of the dates of the festival.  All Personal Assistants should be aged 18+ years.


Venue Access Summary

All Saints Hall
All Saints Road. Access: flat access for all patrons.

Anchor Inn and Garden
Old Fore Street. Access to Garden: flat access for all patrons, mainly tarmacked but with varying levels / Access to upstairs: access for all patrons via stairs.

Arts Centre
Station Road. Access: flat access from side path or via two steps and sloped front path. The side path is located on an inclined road.

Bedford Hotel
Esplanade. Access: three steps at entrance, wheelchair ramp available from hotel reception.

Blackmore Gardens
Access from Blackmore Drive or through the parish churchyard. Access: flat access for all patrons, over grass and trackway to venue spaces, small curbs from pavement to grass.

The Bulverton 
Situated just opposite the Festival car park (for directions see Festival Parking) on the way from the Festival car park to the Campsite bus stop. Alternatively there is access by foot from Station Road (B3176) opposite the Campsite (steepish walk up lit pathway). This is a standing venue. There is seating in the adjacent Betsy’s Lounge but no sightlines to the stage.

Access: based on farmland the field has two entrances. There is flat access over trackway to the venue from the entrance next to the Festival Car Park. The entrance for patrons walking from Station Road is up an incline. There is blue badge holder parking available adjacent to venue. Please note that the Festival Car Park is not suitable for people with mobility impairments.

Cellar Bar, Kennaway House
Access: flat access for all patrons to the Cellar Bar is at the side of the building.

Esplanade. Access: flat access at entrance nearest to the building.

Esplanade: Bedford Steps & York Steps Access: flat access at various points along the Esplanade.

The Ham
End of Port Royal. Access: flat in and around the area, over grass to Ham venue and Catering outlets. Spaces for wheelchair users within the Ham Marquee.

Port Royal
Pedestrianised area. Access: pedestrianised area with public toilets, including accessible facilities.

Festival Box Office
Next to the swimming pool and Tourist Information Centre. Access: flat access

The Kingswood Room – Kingswood and Devoran Hotel
Access: is from the hotel terrace, through the hotel and down a few steps. Flat access to the Kingswood Room is at the rear of the Hotel.

Manor Pavilion
Corner of Manor Road and Station Road. Access: flat access at entrance, spaces for wheelchair users in auditorium. The Manor Pavilion is on an inclined road.

Methodist Church
(Church, Church Hall, Lower Hall and Upper Room) High Street. Access to Lower Hall: short flight of stairs from front entrance. Access to Church: via lift or steps from front entrance. Access to Church Hall: flat via side entrance.

Peacock Lawn
Home of the Official Craft Village, next door to Blackmore Gardens. Access: flat access for all patrons with pathways around the Lawn, over grass and trackway to craft stalls, small curbs from pathways to grass.

Rugby Club
Heydon’s Lane. Access: access for all patrons via stairs.

Sidholme Hotel
Vicarage Road. Access: flat access via hotel front entrance.

Sidmouth C of E Primary School
(Vicarage Road Site) Access: flat access for all patrons through the sign-posted entrance. Access to the school is via an inclined driveway.

St Teresa’s Hall
Vicarage Road. Access: flat access for all patrons via the main entrance at the rear of the hall.

Unitarian Hall
Corner of All Saints Road and High Street. Access: flat access for all patrons. Narrow doorways.

Volunteer Inn
Temple Street. Access: flat access for all patrons.

Woodlands Hotel
Station Road. Access: flat access for all patrons.

Please note that access to any festival space that involves grass is subject to the prevailing weather conditions.