Children’s Festival

Ray and Bev Langton are so excited to be planning the 2022 Children’s Festival.

There will be the usual mix of activities, workshops and plenty to keep everyone busy and entertained. Music workshops such as the Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Ceilidh Band workshop and The Minims will be back and as will The Sidmouth Songswell with Bryony Griffith and The Sidmouth Mini Singers with Jackie Oates.

Bryony Griffith

Some exciting evening family shows are coming to the festival with Rhubarb Theatre performing Dustbin Doris, Noisy Oyster Theatre’s Dangerous Dave puppet show and Rattlebox Theatre performing Mr. Beowulf and a special Family Show from the Spooky Men’s Chorale, to name but a few. The Thursday evening Family Ceilidh with the Seaside Stompers will again be part of the evening events.

Rhubarb Theatre

There will be plenty of crafty activities including the Craft Carousel, Crafty Fun and many more crafty workshops, which will all take place in the new Children’s Activity Centre. This will also be where to find Sidmouth Arboretum who will host a wonderful mix of ‘tree folk’ activities.

The family Big Build Workshop for the Torchlight Procession will be led by the world renown Thingumajig Theatre. Along with all of this there will of course be the usual mix of other things to do such as Yoga, Drama, Storytelling and Dance and much, much more.

Noisy Oyster Theatre

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