About Us

Join us again 2-9 August 2024 for the 70th Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Proudly championing traditional music, dance and song since 1955, The Sidmouth Folk Festival continues to build on its many years of success in creating an inclusive music community that embraces variety – celebrating tradition in all its many forms, including the rich diversity of folk arts in the UK, from the grassroots to the cutting edge.

Building on the return to a more familiar in-person festival in 2022, the 69th festival will see the many venues, streets and Esplanade of our glorious East Devon home burst into vibrant life with the finest in folk music, dance and song.

The exciting week-long programme spans a huge range of genres and interests, featuring top tier concert stars, emerging talent, exclusive shows at The Manor Pavilion, dynamic ceilidhs and folk dances, a colourful array of dance displays, storytelling, In The Tradition events, Children’s Festival, Shooting Roots youth sessions, a huge range of participatory workshops and more.

It’s the diversity and community spirit that sets Sidmouth apart from other festivals – it has, as it says, an ear to the past and an eye on the future – it is steeped in tradition which is a most important part of Sidmouth – but not in a stuffy way, it keeps in touch with current stuff too. There is a community tradition/vibe you don’t get at other festivals – so much different stuff going on that any two people can go to The Sidmouth Folk Festival and have a completely different festival experience. The ad-lib stuff like songs & tunes on the bus, busking in the bus shelter, rapper dance in the bars in town, etc (part of the community spirit) is all part of what makes Sidmouth special. You have to go to Sidmouth Folk Week to get it, and when you do best to stay for the whole week to get the whole Sidmouth experience.”

Expect the very best Sidmouth quality assurance stamp in each area of the festival with some fantastic headline concert and dance names from throughout the British Isles and beyond. The popular Pre-Festival concerts sees returning Sidmouth favourites, Cornish shanty grandmasters Fisherman’s Friends (Thurs 3th August, 7.30pm) and the queen of Scottish song Barbara Dickson with Nick Holland (Fri 4th August, 3pm matinée).

First names on the main concert stage at The Ham include familiar gems like Festival Patrons Show of Hands, and the uniquely captivating harmonies of Lady Maisery, alongside impressive rising stars, including the vital, tender voice of Angeline Morrison, exploring black British experience in folk song, and the exhilarating alternative sounds of Dominie Hooper. Wait for the drop at the Bulverton with Scottish crowd-lifters Talisk and local hero Seth Lakeman. Experience new musical worlds on smaller festival stages with inventive tradition ground-breakers like Cerys Hafana and Suntou Susso…and so much more. Visit the What’s On Pages for more details of our first announcements.


2-9 August 2024 | 1-8 August 2025