The Manor Pavilion Programme

The Manor Pavilion is a traditional theatre space, ideal for many of the special Sidmouth shows and commissions. Highlights include:

Saturday 5th August 8pm – The Undoing of Polly Button by Katherine Fear.

Polly Button was a historical figure from the nineteenth century whose story serves as an example of courage in the face of adversity. At the heart of this story which has been worked into a poignant musical retelling, there is a battle for women’s rights, a mystery which may never be fully solved and a lesson of resilience.

Wednesday 9th August 8pm
– Stolen From God

Stolen From God with Reg Meuross & Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne. With evidence of the slave trade across the South-West of England, and a real need for our history to be told, Reg Meuross has researched and written a song cycle ‘Stolen From God’ – a set of moving and thought provoking songs, with narration, to tell the challenging and often harrowing tales of the region’s past.

Sunday 6th August 3.30pm – 1918 – The Untold Stories Of The Great War

1918 – The Untold Stories Of The Great War, with Chris Hoban, The Sidmouth Town Band & special festival guests. A chronological journey of music, history, anecdote
and humour exploring some of the less familiar characters and events of World War One.

Thursday 10th August 8pm – The Folk Dectectives

The Folk Detectives are upholding the lore – the Folklore. Join Matthew Crampton and Paul Hutchinson for some bold but inept examination of our nation’s heritage. In this
thirteenth pilot for their new podcast, they’ll challenge the ‘experts’ with outlandish theories, unusual songs, and their distinctive ‘humour’

Monday 7th August 3pm – Harp & a Monkey – The Victorians

Award-winning trio Harp & a Monkey specialise in poignant, humorous and melodic
song and stories. The Victorians features a collection of largely forgotten Victorian street, parlour, work, popular and rural songs and stories reworked for contemporary ears. It
is safe to say that you can expect some unusual insights into the whole Victorian period.

Fri 11th August 7.30pm – Tall Ships & Tavern Tales

Take a voyage in song from the high seas to dockside alehouses with Exmouth Shanty

Tuesday 8th August 8pm – Lewis Wood’s Footwork

A celebration of English Step Dancing, this show brings together these varied traditions
and the experiences of those who have lived and breathed them, all set to a backdrop
of exquisite newly composed music.