Tam Lin Re-told

Tam Lin Retold with Corinne Harragin & Nick Hart

This piece of storytelling performance is inspired by the well known English/Scots border Ballad of Tam Lin. The show is unscripted, orally told, and accompanied by live, mostly improvised music. In this way the audience are central to the performance. We make our way into the greenwood together. The ballad may be known as Tam Lin, but he’s only a part of it. Part sung, part told, these are tales of temptation, poison, pluck and changing shape that promise to take you under the green hill and bring you back out again. Corinne is a performance storyteller whose work re-centres marginalised voices and silenced histories within folktales, myths and legends. As well as engaging with traditional storytelling practices, she uses physical theatre, stand-up comedy & audience participation to create brand new storytelling performances for a modern audience. Nick is an award-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist, most noted for his work with English traditional song. He has performed extensively as an actor musician, and as a composer/arranger has provided music for radio, television, theatre and dance.

Wednesday 7th August
Manor Pavilion