Youth Festival

It’s safe to say that the past 2 years haven’t exactly been what we were expecting, but this summer Shooting Roots will be back at Sidmouth bringing you a full programme of the youth workshops you know and love! And we can’t wait! 

If you’re new to Shooting Roots and not quite sure what this all involves, come and join us for our Taster Session on Saturday 30th July to get a flavour for the rest of the week, and then newbies and old hands alike can get stuck in on the Sunday with our Craft Day learning exciting traditional craft skills and making something to take home. 

During the rest of the week we will have our regular Workshops for 12-17 year olds in Dance, Band and Theatre, along with Storytelling, which was reintroduced online in 2020 and we are excited to bring it back in person this year in 2022. And for some spectacular singing our friends over at Stream of Sound have got you covered with their fabulous daily workshops. These will lead up to performances in the youth showcase, a dance out, and a storyround! 

But daytime workshops are not the only events we have up our sleeves this year. We are super excited to be hosting the New Callers Showcase for the first time, on Tuesday 4th. This will be a varied and refreshing evening of dancing which we would love to see lots of familiar faces at, whether dancing or calling! Check out the application form if you want to sign up to call. Our famous Betsy’s Bash sessions will of course have a place in our evening programme too, and we will also be making an appearance at the Rugby Club youth session. 

With this bursting programme of events throughout the week, there’s never a dull moment for young people at Sidmouth Folk Festival, and we can’t wait to share this week with all of you! See you there!

Shooting Roots