Workshop Information

The 200+ workshop events programme at Sidmouth Folk Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and welcoming community of teachers and learners. With a huge variety, breadth and depth, the programme introduces new skills, fine-hones established talents, offers the chance to try one-off taster sessions or to commit to week-long series, and ranges from perennial favourites to exciting innovations. Many series lead to showcase performances at the end of the week.

Amongst those favourite festival regulars are SANDRA KERR with a celebratory 25th outing for the Festival Choir, PAUL SARTIN with his popular afternoon choir sessions, JOHN KIRKPATRICK with Festival Concert Band, NICK AND MARY BARBER with Big Band and KERRY FLETCHER with European Dance.

JOHN DIPPER runs more Advanced Fiddle workshops (email abm.alan89@gmail.com to book a place), KITTY GREENWOOD returns with another series of fiddle workshops for beginners and EMILY ASKEW brings us more Medieval Music workshops.

ED RENNIE returns with Absolute Beginners’ Melodeon, BOB ELLIS with Melodeon for Relative Beginners and Well-Known Tunes At A Steady Pace and SAUL ROSE with Advanced Melodeon and MEL BIGGS with Intermediate Melodeon. There’s JOHN KIRKPATRICK’s Accordion workshops, KIRSTY COTTER’s workshops on Reels, Jigs and Slow Airs, Concertina with BRIAN PETERS and JEFF WARNER, JACQUELYN HYNES’ flute workshops, PAT BRENNAN with Beginners’ Tin Whistle, Balkan Instrumental Music Workshop with CHRIS EDMUNDS, DAVE HISCOCK and DAVE MCKEOWN and new this year, Ukulele with RUSTY WRIGHT, Welsh Tunes with MARY HUMPHREYS & ANAHATA and Swedish Bagpipes with TERRY MANN.

As well as our popular choirs, song-based series also include the return of West Gallery with MIKE BAILEY and WEST GALLERY MUSIC ASSOCIATION and Shape-Note with CANAAN’S LAND.

STREAM OF SOUND are back with more singing workshops for grown ups. Then there’s single workshops on a whole range of traditions. Including Irish traditional song, Gospel and Shanties

There will be plenty of the very popular Talks with MARTIN GRAEBE, KEITH KENDRICK, BRIAN PETERS, JAMESON WOODERS, STEPHEN ROWLEY and more.

For dancers, there’s a whole range of Folk Dance from Contra to English Country Dance and Ritual Dance from Rapper to Border Morris as well as KERRY FLETCHER leading European, Irish Set with MAGGIE DANIEL, Early Dance with HELEN RICHARDS, Scandinavian with MEGAN HATTO, Balkan Dance with CATHY MEUNIER, Salsa and Swing with HANNAH MOORE and Bhangra with AVTAR INDIAN DANCE. JO & SIMON HARMER and INSTEP RESEARCH TEAM return with the popular Social Stepping workshops and sessions including Dartmoor Stepping.

Many more to come!

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