Folk Dance

Folk Dance has been the essence of Sidmouth Folk Festival since the very beginning in 1955, and our 70th sees another full week of amazing dancing to enjoy in the summer!


Lynne Render (caller, American and English); Frances Richardson (caller, English); Adam Hughes (caller, American); Bridgett Flett (caller, Scottish); Kevin & Carol Monaghan (caller, Irish Set); Mark Elvins (caller, American and English); Georgia Delve (tutor, Regency Dance); Helen Richards (Early Music and Dance); Kerry Fletcher (tutor, Bal and Euro); Sam Tetley-Smith (caller, American); Daisy Black (caller, Playford) and bands, Vertical Expression (contra band); Chris and Julie Dewhurst, and 3D (mixed dance band); Double Dichotomy (mixed dance band); Folkus Pocus (mixed), WillPower (contra and irish ceili) and Eglamore (Early Music).

 Lynne Render, Adam Hughes and Sam Tetley-Smith will be calling contras with Vertical Expression and WillPower. Alongside them are Mark Elvins, Daisy Black, Georgia Delve and Frances Richardson providing wonderful range of English dances – from Playford and Regency to modern English compositions. Chris and Julie Dewhurst and Double Dichotomy will be playing alongside them some spectacular music.

Bridgett Flett is back with Scottish Dancing; Kevin and Carol Monaghan are running Irish Set Dancing; Kerry Fletcher is hosting a range of Euro dance events, and Helen Richards is joined by Eglamore to explore renaissance music and dance.

All of this and more at over 80 folk dances and workshops over a fun-filled week at the seaside!

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