Folk Dance

Dance Co-Ordinator Gareth Kiddier’s tried and tested formula of big mornings, gentle afternoons and fun evenings of folk dance are back in style for 2018. If you’re up for a serious week of wall-to-wall dancing, this is the place for you!

The Big Mornings include American dance workshops with Rachel Shapiro Wallace with Vertical Expression and Contrasaurus and English dance workshops with Madeleine Smith and Emma Wooders with Limehouse Cut and Stradivarious.

Afternoon sessions are as diverse as ever with Irish Set from Val Knight; Scandinavian Dance from Megan Hatto with Bowjolie, Jane Austen Dance with Hannah Moore (gloves optional) with the English dance musicians; America with Lynne Render and the American dance musicians, Early Dance and music with Ann Hinchliffe and Terry Mann. Beginners are in the safe hands of Charlotte Rich.

The belle of the evening ball is Stowford Rise where Specials including a Playford Ball, a Scandi night, a Playford Electronica event(!) www.switchedonplayford.co.uk with Chris Green and Daisy Black calling, an Irish Set Night, and American with the callers and dancers from the week all contributing.

Fun evenings in town include: mixed social dance with Beryl Jukes, Jane Thomas, Moor Music and Mollie and Ali; American and English dances all week around the town.

Better get in training now! You’re going to be tired!

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