Folk Dance

Big news! We introduce a wonderful new Folk Dance venue in 2019, the historic Music Room at Sidholme Hotel, just two minutes from St Teresa’s Hall and Sidmouth Primary School. Glass chandeliers, a magnificent painted dome and a frieze with musical motifs make The Music Room a truly splendid venue.

The tried and tested formula in the Folk Dance programme – big mornings, interesting afternoons and fun evenings of folk dance – is back again for 2019.

Big Mornings include American dance workshops with DIANE SILVER (USA) with WILD RIDE and the ENGLISH CONTRA DANCE BAND. English dance workshops with VICTORIA YEOMANS supported by MOLLIE AND DAVE, then STUART MARSDEN with BOLDWOOD.

Afternoon sessions with Irish Set from MAGGIE DANIEL and PERFECT CURE. Scandinavian Dance from MEGAN HATTO with CHRIS DYER. A long (two workshops each afternoon) hard look at square dance and calling: The Big Square Thing with IVAN AITKEN and JEREMY CHILD and THE LINDA GAME TRIO. Early Dance and music with HELEN RICHARDS and her assorted troupe of dancers and musicians. Beginners are in the safe hands of AMY BURTON with meg’n’mor playing. Plus a very special pair of weekend workshops on Bhangra and Bollywood with AVTAR INDIAN DANCE.

Every evening there will be a Festival Dance Club with MIC SPENCELEY in charge of mixed fun social dance, and meg’n’mor playing. There will be Playford Balls, American dances, a Scandi night, an Irish Set dance ceili, with the booked callers and musicians supporting. And a final Celebration Contra to round off the week.

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