Bridget Flett

Bridget Flett

Bridget Flett has been country dancing since primary school and loves to share her passion with others.  She has been calling for over 25 years and regularly calls for Folk Dance clubs within an hour of her home in Taunton. A keen Scottish Country Dancer herself she includes these dances in her general repertoire to bring them to a wider audience as well as at her local Scottish Country Dance club.

Bridget Flett is looking forward to welcoming you to a series of Scottish Country Dancing workshops. Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is a very social form of exercise for both body and brain and SCD clubs can be found all over the world. You don’t need to come with a partner. 

Fear not, SCD doesn’t have to be as formal as it is often perceived and here the dances will be called, as required, to help keep us all on track. With superb music from Chris & Julie Dewhurst (joined later in the week by their son Nick to form 3D) we will look at dances that often appear on SCD dance programmes.

While the basics of SCD will be covered in the Saturday session feel free to treat all the sessions, including the evening dance, as standalone. However, the Wednesday and Thursday workshops will expect you to know common ceilidh figures such as ladies chain, right & left through and reel so we can do more complex dances.

SCD dancers usually wear soft shoes but, providing you can skip in them, wear whatever is comfortable. We will look at stepping briefly but the focus for the week will be more about having fun with the dances rather than the dancing.