The Folk Detectives

The Folk Detectives are Matthew Crampton and Paul Hutchinson. Their mission is ‘to uphold the lore – the Folklore.’ This leads them to forward outlandish theories as facts they have uniquely unearthed. Morris dancing, for example, actually originated in ancient Egypt and is closely linked to the building of pyramids. Yes, really. The Folk Detectives choose to present their nonsense in a format for which they are ill suited – a podcast, recorded live before a festival audience. They challenge the ‘so-called experts’ at Cecil Sharp House with a podcast filled with outlandish theories. But their previous twelve pilots all failed, thanks to technical incompetence, audience revolt or guests not turning up/suing the producers. But hope springs eternal – and Crampton and Hutchinson firmly believe their new thirteenth pilot will secure the truth and success they so desperately crave.

Tuesday 6th August
Manor Pavilion