The stage is set for a high voltage mythological mash-up. Inspired by a central Indian epic-singing tradition, Pandvani108 has created a bold and exuberant new storytelling form, combining performance storytelling, movement, song, and stick wielding, to bring international myth and epic to the contemporary stage. This has more experimental excitement than you can shake a stick at…live and irresistibly direct! The group perform high energy performances of short sections of myth and epic using a 3,000 year old epic storytelling tradition that still thrives in the rural, Chattisgarh region of Central India. Combining a storyteller, or ‘Ragi’ (whose interjections – both serious and comedic – spur the narrative ever onwards), and a deceptively ad hoc backing band, this show is far from sedate spoken word – more like organised chaos with added deities!
‘Playful, powerful, dynamic. A highlight of this year’s festival.’ Beyond the Border Festival
‘One of the most exciting things to emerge in contemporary performance storytelling’ The Crick Crack Club