The Manor Pavilion

The Manor Pavilion is the venue for a number of special shows through the week. So far confirmed are:


An Ancient Tale. A New Twist. A Musical Journey. An interactive evening of music presenting new songs, dance, music and artwork exploring the folk legends of Thomas the Rhymer. Drawing extensively from folk music and dance, composer and choreographer Laurel Swift invites you to join her on an exhilarating musical journey, with a fabulous cast of dancers and musicians on the scene, including Paul Sartin and Dave Delarre.

FRAMED: The Story of Alice Wheeldon

A new folk music and song show written and performed by Moirai (Jo Freya, Sarah Matthews and Mel Biggs). Alice Wheeldon, well known & respected in Derby, was a feisty, principled working woman from a free-thinking family, who supported women’s suffrage & emancipation, rational dress & mixed bathing, social justice & were opposed to war.

At the onset of WW1, Alive and her family were framed for plotted to poison Prime Minister David Lloyd George. A 100-year old tale of fake news, family values and activism which is oh so relevant in our turbulent modern world.


Matthew Crampton tells a detective story, of sorts, about an obscure American song collector in the 1950s called Nathan Twist. In this unusual and sometimes unsettling show, storyteller Crampton uses a hand-written diary of Twist to trace his urgent journeys collecting stories and songs related to the supernatural, particularly selkies and nightvisiting.


A miscellany of local songs and stories ranging from the (mythical) origins of Plymouth to the harrowing tale of the village that fell into the sea to various ghosts and black dogs. Presented by Sam Richards, Michael Dacre and Andy Clarke. Songs include: Tune Fish n Tatters (Devon tune), Rhozzums (A few short humorous Devon stories), Round the horn, (Song about Plymouth sailors) and many more.


An exploration, through song and narrative, of our ever-changing relationship with the land that surrounds us and the sea that defines its natural boundary. It is a journey of discovery, betrayal, revenge and tragedy that has led us down the rocky path from common lands to brutal acts of enclosure, featuring the pomp and perils of empire, exploration and emigration; an English village that was wiped off the map – yet still exists; an ancient burial track and the ghosts that haunt it still; armchair aeronauts, allotmenteers, city escapees and the festivals, forests and rhythms of nature that connect us to the England we inhabit and love, today and tomorrow, for better or for worse.


Marooned on the island once inhabited by Prospero, washed up silent film star Clarke Andrews (Charlie Coldfield) finds himself enchanted by the residual magic of events long forgotten. But he is not alone. Watched over by the spirit Ariel, Clarke’s memories, dreams, hopes and fears are revealed as Shakespeare’s last play unfolds. Clarke Andrews Tempest features songs written and performed by Jim Causley and projections created by Benjamin Borley with score from The Dalwood Rocket

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