The Manor Pavilion

The Manor Pavilion is a traditional theatre venue, an ideal home for some special shows including:

Saturday 4th August 8pm – Magpie Lane present To Every Thing A Season

Magpie Lane present To Every Thing A Season featuring songs of love, dancing, drink and death: a favourite selection from Magpie Lane’s repertoire as the band celebrates 25 years together.

Sunday 5th August 3.30pm – In the Heart – The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir 

A compelling and powerful folk choir, singing original a cappella arrangements of traditional songs, with guest Chris Hoban.

Sunday 5th August 8pm – Alchemy – The Emily Askew Band in Concert plus Jack Rutter 

Where the medieval and the folk worlds collide – with fiddles, bagpipes, shawm, recorders, percussion, guitar, viola d’amore. Plus captivating folk singer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Rutter.

Monday 6th August 3.30pm – Billy Bragg In Conversation with Colin Irwin

Billy Bragg will be in conversation with Colin Irwin about his best-selling book Roots, Radicals and Rockers, which charts the history, impact and legacy of skiffle – Britain’s first indigenous pop movement, set against a backdrop of Cold War politics, rock and roll riots and a newly assertive generation of working-class youth.

Monday 6th August  8pm – Will Pound’s Through the Seasons – The Music of Morris and Folk Dance. 

Will Pound, Benji Kirkpatrick and Ross Grant showcase beautiful arrangements of traditional dance tunes and songs, in an innovative and playful style, bringing all the joy of a summer’s festival through to the thrill of a winter’s fireside rapper sword-dance. Storyteller Debs Newbold weaves in tales to bring the traditions to life.

Tues 7th August 3.30pm – The Life and Songs of Edward Capern – The Postman Poet with Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll and Liz Shakespeare.

Take a journey in the footsteps of this Victorian postman of North Devon, renowned by authors and politicians of the time for his poetic verse. A fascinating life story and forgotten history illustrated in song, music, book readings and poetry.

Tues 7th August 8pm – Sounds of Modern Scotland with Kinnaris Quintet, Ryan Young with Jenn Butterworth, Hector Riddell and Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente. 

Kinnaris Quintet are an exciting band of vigorous, driving, high-spirited musicians; fiddlers Fiona MacAskill , Laura Wilkie , Aileen (Reid) Gobbi, Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin) and Jenn Butterworth (guitar). Jenn also accompanies extraordinary young fiddler Ryan Young.  Acclaimed Bothy Ballad singer Hector Riddell and 2017 Young Folk Award Winners Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente complete the line-up.

Wed 8th August 3.30pm – Peggy Seeger – First Time Ever – In Conversation with Sandra Kerr.

Peggy talks about her memoir The First Time Ever, covering her childhood, her long career and exploring her life with Ewan MacColl as they helped lay the foundations of the British Folk Revival. As Ewan’s muse, Peggy inspired one of the twentieth century’s greatest love songs The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. 

Wed 8th August 8.30pm and Thursday 9th August 3.30pm – Living By The Sea  – Matthew Crampton and Faustus.

Backed by their own community on stage – a folk-style Greek chorus of festival-goers – storyteller Matthew Crampton and choir director Paul Sartin take us on a trip amidst those whose lives are governed by the sea. This show re-unites the creative pair behind the recent adaptation of The Transports, together with two other musicians from that remarkable production, Benji Kirkpatrick and Saul Rose from Faustus. Expect intimate tales, stark ballads and heart-pounding shanties – and stories from Sidmouth – all revealing the fierce hold the sea keeps upon those who live by it.

Thursday 9th August 8pm – The Year Turns Round Again

An original dance show inspired by the cycle of the seasons. Morris dancers, contemporary dancers and folk musicians will come together over the course of the week to create a new performance telling a story through dance and song. Choreography by Ben Moss (Hammersmith Morris Men, Morris Offspring) and music direction from Hazel Askew (The Askew Sisters, Lady Maisery).

Friday 10th August 7.30pm – The Exmouth Shanty Men

Tall Ships & Tavern Tales: Voyage in song from the high seas to a dockside alehouse with Devon’s buoy band.

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