Only 4 days left to book those tickets! You know what to do folks.

Here’s a small selection of some of the lovely things you lot say about the festival….

“Just the best festival in the UK – and a whole week of it!.”

“Food for the soul – plenty to inspire anyone.”

“A super friendly festival, lots of fun and a TON of things to do for all ages. The best folk festival in the world for sure.”

“Being at Sidmouth makes you feel like world peace is possible!”

“I absolutely love this festival. It always feels like the folk world’s summer holiday where ‘big names’ can often be found enjoying themselves playing along with Joe Public in a session one minute then headlining the main stages the next. There really is something for everybody.”

“Friendly, amazing atmosphere, wonderful music, so much to do, beautiful town, holiday and festival all in one, highlight of my year, life changing.”