What a cracking turnout for the 4th Sidmouth Horse (and Beast) Trials at The Sidmouth Folk Festival.Twenty six horses and beasts of disguise competed for the highly coveted Aardman Trophy and Sidmouth Horse Trials rosettes. Papier Mari was finally selected as ‘Horse Of The Year’ in a hotly contested event, with special mention for two of the competitors, Jazza the zebra, and Lyme Osaurus Wrecks. Huge thanks to MC, Stephen Rowley, musicians, Phil ‘Willum’ Williams & Matt Quinn, judges – Sarah Deere-Jones, Julian & Janet Dowling, clerks ‘of course’ – Carmen Hunt & Dan Shearer, Peter Lord & Morph, the volunteers and sound crew for the event, and to the wonderfully appreciative audience.

Competitors this year were . . .

Gobnait O’Lúghnasaigh, Crow Jane, R.A.Tass, Sullivan Simon Stone, Chattorley, Coppin, Phil Filly, The Broad, Jazza, Lyme Osaurus, Lymorisorus, Claws – Sandy Claws, Charles, Admiral Jeffrey, Bernard, Papier Mari, Dotty Deer, Dobbin, Pony, Jolly Jingle Eyes , Jago, Frau Daisy, Alice, Dorset Ooser, Ewe Genie.

We look forward to seeing you along the way and for next year’s Sidmouth Horse (& Beast) Trials!