The wonderful Seaside Stompers Children’s Ceilidh Band Workshop will again be taking place during The Sidmouth Folk Festival 2019. Children (8 years and over) who play any musical instrument will have a great time in this series of workshops, which take place on a daily basis throughout the festival. These workshops lead to a special Thursday evening performance of the Seaside Stompers Ceilidh Band as part of the festival ceilidh programme.

The workshops are led by Ray Langton with a team of talented tutors (Team Stompit!) to guide the progress of the children as they learn to play a collection of jigs, reels and polkas. The team include tutors with expertise in: guitar, brass, percussion, woodwind squeezebox and fiddle.

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers work hard and play together with their tutors to play for what is a truly memorable evening ceilidh in the Blackmore Gardens Marquee.

All children must have their own instruments and be able to play a number of tunes from music or by ear (approximately Grade 2 standard).

Music will be provided and parts for all instruments and all abilities will be available.

This is a very exciting opportunity for young musicians to work with others, learn new music and then to perform to an audience on the Thursday night in the Blackmore Gardens Marquee.

For further information please contact Ray & Bev Langton Children’s Festival Producers on