Environmental Impact

With an eye to the future, The Sidmouth Folk Festival aims to reduce the environmental impact of the festival. We have put in place a number of initiatives so you can help us by doing your part, while still having an enjoyable, safe and comfortable festival experience. Since 2013 we have strived to continually improve our recycling standards and reduce power needs.

This year will see the introduction of reusable souvenir drinks cups at our bars, no single use plastics at our catering stands and zero waste to landfill through our new waste management system.  Why not bring your own reusable drinks bottle and use our Water Refill Points. These are located at The Ham, the Market Square (on the side of the Market building towards the town), in the ‘arches’ on the seafront (at the western end of the Esplanade), below the Cricket Ground, at the Campsite and at The Bulverton (in the Garden area).

These are just some of the initiatives we are implementing as we continue to reduce our reliance on single use plastics and to make the festival a more environmentally sustainable event.

2020 will continue to see The Sidmouth Folk Festival work towards minimising its environmental impact. From using energy efficient lighting and sound systems in our venues to working alongside a local waste contractor focused on a reduce, reuse, recycle model of waste management ensures The Sidmouth Folk Festival takes its environmental standards seriously.

Many of our suppliers are sourced as locally as possible to reduce travel for deliveries and collection.

Recycling & Waste

The Sidmouth Folk Festival has a dedicated team on site from the start of the event right through to the end of the dismantling phase working hard to provide additional waste bins, litter pick and generally ensure that the town keeps looking its best throughout the event.

All our bins accept different formats of waste, this is then sorted off site to reclaim items that can be recovered and recycled.


We work hard to engage contractors within the region rather than sourcing from outside the area. This means the local economy benefits and our delivery and collection transport is reduced as much as practicable. This also reduces our impact on the environment through reduced emissions through transport needs.

Car Sharing: Life’s a journey – share it!

We are committed to making the festival as green as possible and ask you all to consider your environment and the effect your travel has on it.

Therefore we have teamed up with the friendly peeps at GoCarShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts. Just click on our page here and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way. Go on, not only will you be saving the planet a little at a time, but you’ll be saving pennies too!