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Prices: The second Adult and Child prices shown for Pre-Festival and Ham evening concerts are available only to Week, Weekend and Day Ticket holders. Local residents can also purchase discounted tickets from the Sidmouth Tourist Information Centre.

Pre Festival Events:  These events are planned particularly for early Festival arrivals, people from the region and local residents and so are separately ticketed. Festival Season ticket holders can buy tickets for these events at a discount – the 2nd price shown.

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Thursday 1st AugustFisherman's Friends (Pre-Festival)3:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£39.00/£34.00£20.00/£17.00
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Pre-Festival)8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£39.00/£34.00£20.00/£17.00
Friday 2nd AugustSteeleye Span (Pre-Festival)3:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£39.00/£34.00£20.00/£17.00
McGoldrick McCusker and Doyle
This concert is included in Week and Weekend tickets at no extra charge
8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£26.00/£21.00£10.00
Skippinish8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£26.00/£21.00£10.00
Saturday 3rd AugustThe Melsons (Melrose Quartet + The Wilsons)3:15 pmThe Ham Marquee£25.00/£20.00£10.00
Blazin' Fiddles8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£35.00/£30.00£10.00
Jim Causley & Miranda Sykes8:00 pmManor Pavilion£19.00£10.00
Sea Song Sessions8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£27.00/£22.00£10.00
Sunday 4th AugustThe Story of Sidmouth12:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£16.00/£11.00£10.00
Chris Hoban's Cartography3:00 pmManor Pavilion£18.00£9.00
Karine Polwart3:15 pmThe Ham Marquee£26.00/£21.00£10.00
Steve Knightley + Friends8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£35.00/£30.00£10.00
Peggy Seeger in conversation8:00 pmManor Pavilion£18.00£9.00
Monster Ceilidh Band8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£18.00/£13.00£10.00
Monday 5th AugustDaphne's Flight12:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£22.00/£17.00£10.00
Celtic Heartbeat3:00 pmManor Pavilion£18.00£8.00
Catrin Finch & Aoife ni Bhriain3:15 pmThe Ham Marquee£25.00/£20.00£10.00
Chris While & Julie Matthews8:00 pmManor Pavilion£19.00£10.00
Spiers & Boden8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£35.00/£30.00£10.00
Mad Dog McRea8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£18.00/£13.00£10.00
Tuesday 6th AugustDownes & Beer12:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£18.00/£13.00£10.00
The Folk Detectives3:00 pmManor Pavilion£18.00£9.00
Padvani1088:00 pmManor Pavilion£16.00£8.00
Ralph McTell8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£38.00/£33.00£10.00
Blowzabella Dance Special8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£29.00/£24.00£10.00
Wednesday 7th AugustBlowzabella12:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£22.00/£17.00£10.00
Tam Lin Retold2:30 pmManor Pavilion£16.00£8.00
Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham3:15 pmThe Ham Marquee£25.00/£20.00£10.00
Sweet Thames4:30 pmManor Pavilion£16.00£8.00
Oysterband8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£37.00/£32.00£10.00
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas8:00 pmManor Pavilion£19.00£10.00
Kinnaris Quartet8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£22.00/£17.00£10.00
Thursday 8th AugustJo Freya & Friends12:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£18.00/£13.00£10.00
Martin Simpson + The Breath2:45 pmThe Ham Marquee£26.00/£21.00£10.00
Kate Rusby8:00 pmThe Ham Marquee£38.00/£33.00£10.00
Murder at the Grange8:00 pmManor Pavilion£19.00£10.00
Manran8:15 pmBulverton Marquee£22.00/£17.00£10.00
Friday 9th AugustChris Wood & Andy Cutting + NYFE3:15 pmThe Ham Marquee£25.00/£20.00£10.00
O'Hooley & Tidow
This concert is included in Week tickets at no extra charge
7:30 pmThe Ham Marquee£25.00/£20.00£10.00
LNE with Brown Boots Boogie Band10:30 pmBulverton Marquee£16.00/£11.00£10.00