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Prices: The second Adult and Child prices shown for Pre-Festival and Ham evening concerts are available only to Week, Weekend and Day Ticket holders. Local residents can also purchase discounted tickets from the Sidmouth Tourist Information Centre.

Children are aged between 6 and 17 as of 29/7/2022.

Pre Festival Events:  These events are planned particularly for early Festival arrivals, people from the region and local residents and so are separately ticketed. Festival Season ticket holders can buy tickets for these events at a discount – the 2nd price shown.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  Do you want to keep hearing about all the exciting things at Sidmouth Folk Festival?   Due to  new data  protection regulations we are not allowed to send you any information about the festival unless you specifically request it. Therefore if you want to hear from us in the future it is vital that you put a tick in the relevant Opt In box every time you buy a ticket or fill in any other form with the Opt In options. This applies even if you are currently subscribed to the mailing list.

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DateEventTimeVenueAdultsYoung (6-17)
Thursday 28th JulySteeleye Span (Pre-Festival) 8.00pmThe Ham£28/£24£14/£12
Friday 29th JulyFisherman's Friends (Pre-Festival) 3.00pmThe Ham£32/£28£16/£14
Jez Lowe + Granny's Attic
This first concert is included in Week and Weekend tickets at no extra charge.
8.00pmThe Ham£22/£18£11/£9
Bulverton Big Gig Opening Night7:00pmBulverton Marquee£24$12
Sheelanagig7:00pmBulverton Marquee£18£9
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Saturday 30th JulyJackie Oates and John Spiers3:15pmThe Ham£20£10
Eddie Reader8:00pmThe Ham£26/£22£13/£11
Blowzabella Big Gig7:00pmBulverton Marquee£28
Blowzabella at Bulverton7:00pmBulverton Marquee£22£11
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Sunday 31st JulyRyan Young12:00The Ham£14£7
Blowzabella3:15pmThe Ham£23£11.50
Show of Hands8:00pmThe Ham£32/£28£16/£14
Bulverton Big Gig7:00pmBulverton Marquee£26
Joshua Burnell Band + Gadarene7:00pmBulverton Marquee£20£10
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Monday 1st AugustGateway Concert12:00The Ham£10£5
Melrose Quartet3:15pmThe Ham£20£10
The Spooky Men's Chorale8:00pmThe Ham£30/£26£15/£13
Will Pound and Jenn Butterworth8:00pmManor Pavilion£18£9
Bulverton Big Gig - Edward II7:00pmBulverton Marquee£28
Edward II7:00pmBulverton Marquee£22£11
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Tuesday 2nd AugustSpooky Men Workshop - Sing Like a Bloke12:00The Ham£14£7
Yves Lambert Trio8:00pmThe Ham£26/£22£13/£11
Sounds of Modern Scotland8:00pmManor Pavilion£18£9
Bulverton Big Gig - Grace Petrie7:00pmBulverton Marquee£26
Grace Petrie7:00pmBulverton Marquee£20£10
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Wednesday 3rd AugustMairearad Green and Anna Massie12:00The Ham£10£5
Martin Simpson3:15pmThe Ham£23£11.50
Spiers and Boden8:00pmThe Ham£28/£24£14/£12
Jackie Daly and Matt Cranitch + Mairearad Green and Anna Massie8:00pmManor Pavilion£18£9
Bulverton Big Gig - Peatbog Faeries7:00pmBulverton Marquee£30
Peatbog Faeries7:00pmBulverton Marquee£24£12
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Thursday 4th AugustGateway Concert12:00The Ham£10£5
Daoiri Farrell3:15pmThe Ham£22£11
Kate Rusby8:00pmThe Ham£32/£28£16/£14
Framed: Morai8:00pmManor Pavilion£16£8
Bulverton Big Gig- Urban Folk Theory7:00pmBulverton Marquee£24
Live Silent Disco - Urban Folk Theory7:00pmBulverton Marquee£18£9
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12
Friday 5th AugustChris Wood3:15pmThe Ham£20£10
This final concert is included in Week tickets at no extra charge.
7:30pmThe Ham£20/£16£10/£8
Exmouth Shanty Men7:30pmManor Pavilion£14£7
Late Night Extra11:00pmBulverton Marquee£12