Beltane Border Morris

Beltane bring fiery energy to their music and dancing, with dances inspired by the standing stones, myths and legends of wild Dartmoor. Ancient and mysterious – and bordering on the edge.

Watch Beltane in Dance Displays, Processions & Dance Spectaculars, an LNE spot plus the following workshops & A Chance to Meet:

Saturday 3 Aug 9:30-10:45 am Bulverton Marquee

Border Morris Workshop with Beltane Border Morris. Beltane combine confident and graceful flowing movements with fiery energy bringing tales of myths legends and monuments of Dartmoor alive. To illustrate this we’ll teach you our popular Tolmen Stone and Vixana dances – all welcome. (Season, All-in-One or Workshops Ticket holders)

Monday 5 August 11:15-12:45 pm Bulverton Marquee

Border Morris workshop with Beltane Border Morris. Beltane is renowned for choreographing compelling dances that tell stories of Dartmoor. Do join us to share inspiration to interweave your or more of our stories to conceive new dances – all welcome. (Season, All-in-One or Workshops Ticket holders)

Thursday 8 August 1:00-2:00 pm Blackmore Gardens Marquee –  A Chance to Meet Beltane Border Morris. Now in its 23rd year with a varied repertoire of mostly self-penned dances Beltane will take you on a journey across England’s last wilderness, Dartmoor. Expect dances inspired by moorland myths, legends and monuments interspersed with songs and background about the side. MC Graham Lee. (Free Entry)