Filkin's Ensemble

Filkin’s Ensemble

As the sheer joy and energy radiating from the stage combines with a sophisticated musicianship, Filkin’s Ensemble produces a musical experience like no other. In collaboration with singer Ellie Gowers, their distinctive style of orchestral-folk forges a new path for traditional music.The ensemble’s contemporary arrangements of traditional songs combine a string quartet,clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, guitars, recorder, and orchestral percussion. This eclectic instrumental lineup joins forces with Ellie Gowers, whose work was described by The Guardian as being ‘full of delicacy, precision and gentle delight‘. Drawing inspiration from classical and jazz, Filkin’s Ensemble is the bold vision of Seth Bye and Chris Roberts (aka Filkin’s Drift) who recently earned widespread acclaim for an 870 mile foot-powered-tour, with national airtime on BBC Radio 2, 3, 4, 6 Music, and BBC World Service. Forming Filkin’s Ensemble in 2020, Seth and Chris now bring together 14 of the UK’s finest young folk musicians in an adventurous collaboration.
‘Hugely entertaining’ R2 Magazine
‘They create a sound that is truly joyful’ TradFolk
‘Bringing together Birmingham’s finest musicians to give folk an orchestral outlet…showing how traditional music treads many and varied paths’ FATEA