Hadrian Clog

Hadrian Clog

Hadrian Clog based along the Tyne Valley in Northumberland, perform traditional clog and hard shoe dances, taking traditional steps, giving them a ‘Hadrian’ twist, and pairing them with their favourite folk tunes. 

Watch Hadrian Clog in Dance Displays, Processions & Dance Spectaculars, plus the following workshops & A Chance to Meet :

Wednesday 7 August 9:30-11:00 am Bulverton Marquee Beginners Clog dance workshop with Hadrian Clog – The Lancashire Waltz – a selection of waltz steps from Lancashire. These are for anyone who has never tried, or who has done very little clog dancing, and the steps can be danced as a routine. Some pairs of clogs available, or bring hard soled shoes (not rubber trainers). (Season, All-in-One or Workshops Ticket holders)

Wednesday 7 August 1:00-2:00 pm Blackmore Gardens Marquee A Chance to Meet Hadrian Clog and Whip the Cat Rapper and Clog – come and meet two exciting dance teams for whom precision is an important part of their performances, and find out why they are among the very best in their particular dance traditions. MC Graham Lee. (Free Entry)

Thursday 8 August 11:15-12:45 pm Bulverton Marquee Intermediate Clog dance workshop with Hadrian Clog – The Durham Hornpipe, made up of more intermediate level steps, suitable for anyone who has done some clog dancing and would like to do more. We hope to teach all 9 steps in the routine. Bring own clogs if you have them, we will also have a few spare pairs available. (Season, All-in-One or Workshops Ticket holders)