RE:VULVA features Janice Burns on mandolin, Holly Clarke on vocals and guitar, Cathy Geldard on fiddle and Amy Thatcher on accordion, synth and drum pad. They reclaim the best classic folk tunes and re-fashion these and their own compositions with a squirt of millennial pop nostalgia. The dynamic four piece aim to create an empowering musical space for women; We are a brand new band, a band of women. we want to use our artistic vision and platform to promote gender equality and inclusivity while creating impactful music. Stop blushing and listen!’ These talented women present virtuosity, strength, and power in a language that is unashamedly and decidedly female. Their vision of the future is of a platform fit for the young women of tomorrow.
RE:VULVA’s commitment to addressing gender inequality in the music industry is not just about challenging the status quo, but also about inspiring a new generation of female musicians and pushing for lasting change. Their passion for music and their mission to break the cycle of under-representation in folk music is a welcome and vital contribution to the industry.’ NARC Magazine