Skipinnish are a powerhouse of contemporary Scottish music and mark a remarkable voyage of 25 years in 2024. Emerging from the heart of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the band has flourished into an iconic name in the Celtic music scene, enthralling audiences with their potent blend of traditional and modern sounds. Founded in 1999 by Angus MacPhail and Andrew Stevenson, Skipinnish’s roots are deeply entrenched in the rich musical traditions of Scotland. The band’s name, taken from the place where Angus grew up on the Island of Tiree, resonates with their strong connection to the land, sea and Gaelic culture. Over the years, the ensemble has expanded, welcoming talented musicians who have added vibrant layers to their sound, blending  voice, bagpipes, accordions, fiddles, on a rhythmical foundation of Drums, Bass and Keyboards. As Skipinnish steps into its 25th year, the band remains a beacon of Scottish music, continuing to inspire and entertain. Their anniversary concerts are a testament to their journey, a celebration of past achievements, a thank you to their fans and a look forward to the band’s vibrant future.

Friday 2nd August
The Bulverton
Adult £26
12 – 25 years £10
Bulverton tickets include Late Night Extra, Betsy’s & Campfire Sessions