Filkin’s Drift

Filkin’s Drift re-imagine traditional melodies through pizzicato grooves, intricate guitar tunes, and boundless improvisation. Their 870 mile foot-powered-tour has recently propelled them into the spotlight. This radical approach to sustainable touring has earned Seth Bye and Chris Roberts global attention from major news outlets. The music of Filkin’s Drift captures the essence of their 870 mile walk and weaves together a tapestry of shared experiences. Their compositions are sophisticated, yet rooted in tradition. From delicate Welsh folk-songs to traditional English dance tunes, the pair blend fiddle and guitar with close harmonies. Filkin’s Drift are dedicated to exploring innovative avenues in music creation; the duo’s latest endeavor involves the formation of Filkin’s Ensemble, a 15-piece orchestral-folk band; who are also performing at the festival
‘Hugely entertaining’ RnR
‘Gorgeous close vocal harmonies’ Folk Radio UK